We take care of the fabrication and construction of the stands. Our team of carpentry experts has the necessary skills and experience to build high quality trade show booths.
Our carpentry shop has the machinery and tools necessary to carry out large-scale projects and ensure that each piece is cut and assembled with precision. In addition, our team uses high quality materials to ensure that each stand is durable and resistant to long term use.
We offer double height construction for your booth, we have our own mezzanine.


In Eswood, we also specialize in the retail sector. We use a customized and collaborative construction approach to create effective spaces.
We work hand to hand with our clients to understand their goals, and use our construction expertise to create spaces that meet those goals and exceed all expectations.


We have a digital printing service specialized in graphics for exhibition stands. We make 3D logos, vinyl printing, textile printing, luminous and cut vinyl.